TAMPA, FL –(Monday August 19th 2013) – Identity theft is not necessarily a personal problem, companies can also be victims. The scam: To get around rules and regulations, off-shore fraudsters simply use the name of a legitimate US based company and then start sending email communications pretending to be them to unsuspecting consumers.

People freak out and go research the name of the company that purportedly sent them the email and find the legitimate company and begin to file complaints with the BBB, regulators and on internet bulletin boards.

Could this happen to your company? It happened to National Settlement Services, a Tampa FL based Debt Settlement Company.

A few months back our customer service department began getting calls from worried consumers claiming we had sent aggressive collection notices to them threatening jail time among other bad things if they didn’t pay up.

After looking into the matter deeper, it seemed an unscrupulous debt collector or debt buyer simply sold their list of consumers to an off shore entity based in India and they began contacting consumers claiming they were National Settlement Services.

Copies of the fraudulent collection emails they sent can be seen here: National Settlement Services Scam Email 1, National Settlement Services Scam Email 2, and National Settlement Services Tampa Scam Email 3

Although we are not the only National Settlement Services in the United States, we are in the debt settlement business (which incidentally is the polar opposite of the debt collection business) so the average Google searches ties in the fraudulent scam email with ours.

Beware, business owners, in this day and age your business may also be a victim of identity theft!

If you have received one such email, or would like to contact National Settlement Services Tampa FL please email us at news@plansvcs.com

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